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Lazy Jay
  15th February, 2017


I did naff all, yesterday!


That's not true. I did one of my occasional mega-backups, and mostly left the laptop busy as a bee for most of the day.
I wasn't intending to do that, but I found myself having one of those unproductive days, not being able to focus on anything specific, so instead let the PC do some background stuff, instead.

I must admit, I'm a little disappointed that the scoreboards aren't being flooded with players. Hopefully that's just a case of nobody wanting to play my games, and not that the thing's actually broken!!

Things to do, today, include making an Admin page to add new games to the scoreboard list, and other similar things.
.. Which I was intending to do, yesterday, but my head wasn't in the mood to do anything with databases and web-dev.

Meh, whatever!


Over at Game52, Paul's posted a phrase which I'm all too familiar with..
"This week I was making a game about a Fruit Smoothie stall but I felt it was not going to get done on time. So on Saturday morning I started a new game!"

Yep.. ...
.. Yep!!!

You can play his game for this week, "Dark Discovery", here

Daily Doodle : All the Little Pigs

Platdude's having to feed the piglets.
They're hungry little piggies!


I wonder what happens when my games are much bigger.
With more than the usual game modes.
Some of my games have hundreds of levels.
But that's far too much for a scoreboard.


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