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A test edition of my online highscore table viewer thing is now online.

The current version is just a rather static list, and in all honesty, it might stay like that!
Pick a game from the list, and then select from the game modes.
Seems to do exactly what it needs to do.

You can browse the scoreboards here.

For those interested, that bottom-most [GAME TITLE] is my framework. I’ll remove that once more games are available, but for now it’s there to check the multiple games were indeed selectable!

If you want to play the test game, Mini Clampett is available here.

Daily Doodle : Sneaking Throught the Caverns

Ever get that feeling that someone’s watching you?


My scoreboards seem to work quite well.
Or at least, as far as I can tell.
I hope they work on OUYA, too.
Else I’ve got much more work to do.


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  • Rajasekaran Senthil Kumaran

    Under “Recent Releases” the new game “Mini Clampett” is not listed.

    • I’ve not released it, yet!!!
      I’m waiting for..
      1) GameJolt to let me know if I’m allowed to post games, there, which use my own scoreboard instead of theirs.
      2) Whether the new scoreboard stuff gets through OUYAReview.
      Maybe tomorrow..!?