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  28th February, 2017

I made the above trailer, yesterday, because.. why not!?


Starting on the PC, using Windows 10's internal video capture, I grabbed about 5 minutes of myself playing Blockman.
I then copied the video over to the MacMini, where I used iMovie to cut, splice, add transitions, include the AGameAWeek logo, add the end credits, etc.

I continued to use the Windows Laptop to do all of that, connecting to the MacMini using RealVNC on the Laptop, and the MacMini's own internal "screen sharing" functionality. (Settings -> Sharing)
Other than a lack of audio, it was perfectly fine for doing what I needed, albeit a little glitchy in places. But I guess that's the price you have to pay for being too lazy to sit at your desk!
I was, instead, seated comfortably on the Couch in the living room, rather than at a desk in my bedroom. Lazyness Wins!

Once done, I set it to render, then copied the video file back to the PC to check it was all in order, and then it all got uploaded to YouTube.
The entire process took about an hour in total, and I think the result's fairly decent.

Of course, I could've just used a video editor on the PC, but .. iMovie's free, is pre-installed on the Mac, and works happily with the .mp4 files that the Window's Game Capture thing spits out.


Spent some time doodling some crazy looking enemy sprites, yesterday.
They're not exactly awesome looking, but they fit in well with the rest of the badly-drawn world!
I did originally try a better looking monster, but he didn't fit the look at all, and was swiftly rejected, being replaced with scribbly monsters, instead.

So, um, that's how they look!
I also started work on the look of the castle interiors. They're suitably tiny, and currently only house a bunch of random monsters.

Next up, adding battles.
I'm currently worried that the player's sword is a little overpowering, and may end up swapping it out for some other sort of weapon.
Not currently sure.


Daily Doodle : Football Practice

Platdude decided to spend an hour practicing his football skills.
It didn't last very long.


Bring out the cables and light up the screen.
Be sure that your Wifi is sturdy.
The snowdrops are forming a wintery scene.
Switchmas is coming on Friday.


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