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  27th February, 2017


Deja Vu..!?


A number of months ago, I started making an RPG game, and got as far as the character wandering around a lovely world map, before giving up on the project because I was unsure what to add next..

I'm slightly worried that this week's project may end up going the same way, so I've been desperately trying to come up with ideas, all week, to keep the project flowing well.

So far, I've yet to tackle any of the actual gameplay, but I must admit that the game's engine is starting to look rather presentable, albeit in a slightly ludicrously craptastic art style!

Quite where it'll go from here, I'm not entirely sure.
I obviously need to add castle-innards, and those will no doubt be in the "square grey brick area with enemies inside" style.
Fighting, pickups, chests... Those will all need to be added, I think.
But.. then what!?
What form will it take?!
How far will I go!?

.. And with only 3 more coding days until the Switch arrives, how much will I actually get done!?

Only time will tell.
Stay tuned!

Daily Doodle : Training Day

Platdude is in need of some extra training, so has met up with Master Swan who is teaching him some new moves.


I have in mind a master plan,
but I'm not sure I'll do it.
I might, instead, cut most things back,
or maybe struggle through it.


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