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Nothing Found :(
  21st January, 2019

Destroy the planets for points!

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Views 165, Upvotes 4
Release , 603
  3rd June, 2016
Views 29, Upvotes 5
Poetry Corner
  18th June, 2013
Shoot at the baddies, and catch them with your tail.
Views 966, Upvotes 6
Experimental , Unfinished , Test
  25th March, 2019
A new game has appeared in the Shoebox.
..Not sure how well this one will go down!

You can Play Shoebox of Games here. You'll find Word Tubes amongst the Word games.

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Views 11, Upvotes 1
  25th March, 2019


Played a few times and managed to beat the AI half the times. Only weird thing I noticed is that when player wins sometimes both the orange and some blue pieces nearby seem to animate.

Indeed. The flashing is done by the AI. Where the AI sees a possible win, it triggers the flashing, and occasionally it bleeds through into weird areas.

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Views 11, Upvotes 1
  9th July, 2013
Avoid the evil DangerBots as you attempt to destroy the world.
Views 878, Upvotes 3
Mines , Destruction , Boop
  16th May, 2016
Guide the falling blocks so that they create clusters of colours.
Views 1807, Upvotes 8
Tetris , Puzzle , Blocks , Clusters , Clumps
  25th March, 2019
The "Four in-a Row" AL has been upgraded a little, this morning.
It's not "Evil", and can still be beaten every other game, but it's making less mistakes than it was, earlier.
Not a complete rewrite of the AI, but a fairly significant redoing of the way that the AI finds a final placement.

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  25th March, 2019
I've never had to wear a wrist strap, before, but the sheer agony in my wrist, yesterday, was on a whole other level.

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Daily Blog , Health
  25th March, 2011
Coming soon : A whole new world!

I finally made my choice, and it's GLBasic.
Hopefully that choice doesn't come and bite me in the ass later.

For now, I'm going to be rebuilding all that framework goodness.
It'll probably take a couple of weeks to get everything going properly, so I think we might end up missing a few AGameAWeek's here and there. Hopefully you don't all mind.

Meanwhile, I'm going to do a Final Six.
Six little End-of-the-road games, that round off my time spent with Blitz.

We'll see how well that turns out..!
Views 8, Upvotes 1
Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  5th July, 2010
Keep the disease at bay!
Views 5320, Upvotes 32
Remake , Shoot-em-up , Microbes
  18th March, 2019


The fonts also might need to be changed to a pixel art font to make it look good.

Early font-test prototype

I coded this a few weeks ago, to see if web-fonts did actually work properly on as many browsers as I could find, and ... for the most part, they seemed to work just fine, meaning I can technically create my own pixel-style font, upload it to the server and have it work without too many issues.

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Views 42, Upvotes 2
Daily Blog , Shoebox
  31st July, 2016
Widdal's decided to have a wander through the garden, to pick some flowers. He has a very large garden!
Views 1326, Upvotes 10
Oldskool , Platformer , Mario
  10th November, 2009
Kill the beasties with your sword.
Views 2241, Upvotes 11
Arcade , Simple
  24th March, 2019
Honestly, I might rest a bit, today. It is Sunday, after all.

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Daily Blog , Shoebox , Foldapuz
  27th February, 2018
Each time I release a game, the thoughts and comments come rolling in.

Let's take a peek at this week's thoughts.


I find Flappadiddle Doo having the smooth gameplay like its predecessor and the polish found in ''Sheep Goes Right''.

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Views 147, Upvotes 14
Player Thoughts , Flappadiddle-doo
  14th July, 2018
Update 14th July 2018 - Added Generous Zaps

The second AL-Bum for 2018, with a fair number of oddities, and some slower tracks throughout.

  Generous Appetite

Total 27 tracks
Views 225, Upvotes 18
  9th September, 2018
Update 09th September 2018 - JNKPlat 2018 - Ingame A, B and C


Total 15 tracks
Views 101, Upvotes 14
  2nd March, 2019
Views 9, Upvotes 1
  10th March, 2019
Views 12, Upvotes 1
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