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Test : Mini Clampett
  11th February, 2017
The game is as complete as it oughta be, but we're still a couple of days from my regular Monday/Tuesday releases, so we've a couple of days to play "Mr Testo" and see if the lovely new feature works as it oughta.


If you'd like to test my new OMG!!!ONLINE LEADERBOARDS!!!WOW, grab the game, enter your name, play the game, and let me know if it's working.

You can Download Mini Clampett here.
Note : Windows exe only.

The eventual OUYA/AndroidTV release should also have the scoreboards working, but the HTML5 edition won't, due to cross-server issues.

Feedback either via the comments below, or via Twitter (@Jayenkai)
Thanks for any and all testing you can give.

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