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Friday MusicAL
  31st March, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud.



After all the chaos of getting a new system, doing all the installs, making all the backups and ensuring everything worked.. My mind gave up trying, yesterday!

I attempted to add some pickups to this week's game, but my mind wasn't in the mood.
Instead, I finished off this week's Socoder Newsletter, as well as finishing off the ALChoon above, and making the video, and posting to YouTube..

So, not much at all!!

Today I'll get back to the coding, and see where it takes me.

Daily Doodle : Try Another Cave

Platdude's trying to find somewhere comfortable to spend the night, but this little Goblet isn't being very welcoming.


Whilst playing more Zelda,
I got me a horse.
I won't try to kill it.
I'll ride it, of course.


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