Blog – Adding Sound


The music and sound are now in the Castles game.

Along with some more difficulty balancing, the game is more or less as I’d imagined it to be.
And yet.. Something is still missing..
Having been playing Zelda:BOTW all week, having a severely limited “kill them, move on” mechanic seems somewhat lacking.
I’m certainly not going to make something as epic as BOTW in a week, but I’m finding myself wondering what I might be able to add to the game to extend it a little more.

.. Struggling, though.
I may end up leaving it as-is, but .. Something.. It needs ..something….!

Daily Doodle : Stop Eating

Platdude wishes that his companion would stop eating.
There are places to go, things to do, and people to rescue.


I’m playing this game and it doesn’t feel bad,
But I wonder if there is much more I can add.
There’s dangers that lurk in the castles galore.
I can’t think of a thing which could add so much more.


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  • Rajasekaran Senthil Kumaran

    Daily doodle today is too good.
    Like your other endless runner games does the castle game has a sense of urgency to it? Or is there a ending that can be reached with players own pacing.