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All About Motion
  16th March, 2017


Yesterday I was tweeting away about my time "Wandering around aimlessly for hours", again.


A Twitter user (@Haze______) asked if I meant real-life or ingame, and I replied that, of course, I meant ingame.
"If it were IRL, I wouldn't have managed 5 minutes of wandering, never mind an hour!!"
At which point, something suddenly struck me.

I've played hour upon hour of Zelda since I got the Switch, just under two weeks ago.
That's a whole lot of 3D.
Playing GTAV usually left me feeling nauseous after about 10 minutes, but something about the Switch is making a big difference.
But what was it!?

I realised that, over all the time that I've been playing Zelda, I've exclusively been playing it in handheld mode.
So, I switched to TV mode and gave that a try. Sure enough, after only about 10 minutes of play, I was starting to feel the familiar nauseous feeling arise.
I had to stop.
Later in the day, I also tried the same thing with FastRMX, and sure enough, the same limit arose.

So, wary that there must be a difference, I started to pay attention to exactly how I play with the Switch, and that's when I noticed all the swaying!
Like those players who insist on tilting whenever they turn in a racing game, that's exactly what my body was doing whilst playing Zelda.
Just little bits, but slight twists when I swivelled the camera, and little hops of my head when doing jumps. Things like that. (Self-conscious awareness levels rising!!)

It seems that because the screen is fixed to my body's location, the small swivels and movements cancel each other out. The head feels the movement, the screen moves, the camera moves. And it all works together.
Compare this to playing on the static TV screen, and any such movements become amplified by the fact that the TV doesn't also shift about. My mind's expecting movement where there isn't any, and that appears to result in extra nausea whilst playing.

So, um, that's pretty much what I did yesterday!
I spent most of the day playing Zelda, for investigative reasons, and not simply because I got up to a hard bit, and couldn't stop playing.
It was definitely all for the sake of science!!

.. Which makes me wonder.
What'll happen if I tried VR, since that also moves around in realtime!?
.. But I'm not willing to spend the hundreds of pounds it'd take to find out!!

Daily Doodle : A Pricey Choice

Platdude's sick of having to fix his old wreck of a car, so is pricing up a brand new one.
This one's, perhaps, a little too pricey for him, though.


I didn't get much coding done.
I played a game, all day.
Today I'd better get to work,
And make a game to play.


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