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Bad Guys
  30th March, 2017


The bad guys in this game are all spinning gems.


Initially counter-intuitive, in that the player tends to want to collect lovely spinning gems.

I've added 7 gems into the game, and each one has it's own rules when trying to catch you.
I've not gone into as much depth as Pacman's ghosts, but if you take the time to study all the enemy types, it should become apparent what their different methods are.
.. Or maybe I just happen to see it because I'm the one that coded it.
Not sure.

Today will be about adding collectables and powerups, things like that.
I have a list of 4 or 5 different items jotted down, but whether I'll end up using them all, I'm not sure.
Similarly, I should probably also attempt to design some different world themes.
Plenty to do, and not a lot of time left to do it, but the game is at least on track.

And hopefully my Android compiler's working properly!

Daily Doodle : A Bad Start

Platdude's not sure how he's going to manage the landing.
The take off's gone disastrously wrong.


I've checked all that I can.
I cross my fingers, hope it's good.
I'll send it off for tests.
Will it play like I think it should?


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