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Carry On Coding
  2nd March, 2017


I had a day off, yesterday.


Today I aim to get back into my usual routine.
Hopefully I can do.
My mind wasn't really in the mood for any coding, yesterday, but I feel like I'm ready to get back into the swing of things, this morning.

A shame that GoDaddy's DNS is acting up, making it difficult to do anything at AGameAWeek.
All my other domains are working fine, and since they're all linked to the same server, I know there's nothing wrong with the server. It's just that one AGameAWeek domain that isn't quite resolving properly.
(Hence why I'm posting this blog a little late. It should've been done an hour or so ago!)

So, today, back to coding and getting as much done as I can, before tomorrow's Switchmas festivities!!

Daily Doodle : Evil Plat

Platdude's lady friend has been captured by the Evil Plat.
Hurry, Platdude! Hurry!


I woke up at one,
Needing a pee.
Can't get back to sleep.
Now it's half three.

I got back to sleep,
Stayed there 'til Ten.
But now I'm awake,
I'll be coding again.


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