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Game Posted
  14th March, 2017


The Castles game is done and dusted.


It's not as big as I'd liked.
Or rather, it is big, there's just no need for it to be so damned big!
In the end, it's not a terrible game, but if you were expecting an RPG, you're going to be disappointed.

I've classified the game as a Shoot-em-up, because realistically, that's what it actually is.

As per my usual stylings, I've avoided all things RPG'ish, and ended up with something a little less lively than intended.
Perhaps, some day, I'll make that great big RPG..
.. Today is not that day!

Daily Doodle : The Hooded Artist

Nobody knows the secret identity of the Hooded Artist.
He sure does write "Plat" a lot, though.


What to do next?
I wonder each week.
A basic idea,
and some gameplay to tweak.


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