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Lazy Saturday
  19th March, 2017


I did a little coding, but mostly couldn't be bothered!


I couldn't even be bothered wandering around Hyrule, gathering mushrooms and cooking nice meaty skewers of health.
Instead, I sat watching endless hours of "Did You Know Gaming" on YouTube, and generally having a rest day.
Not sure why, if I'm honest. But I guess my head just wasn't in the mood to do anything productive.

Hopefully today will be a little better, and I'll get this week's game finished.

Incidentally, I also had an idea for next week's game, but I'm currently unsure as to whether I can achieve the look that's currently in my head.

Daily Doodle : Filling Potholes

This place is a mess. Full of little cracks all over the place, and even the odd mushroom growing out of the ground.
Platdude's decided to clean up the town.


The spur of the moment.
A new game idea.
I should finish off this week's,
As Monday grows near.


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