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Missing Week...
Totally Nintendo's Fault!!



I had planned on getting this game finished before Switchmas Friday, but unfortunately last week's other big-event took precedence and all coding went out the window mid-week.
It's a shame this isn't done, because now that I'm playing Zelda, I'm finding myself looking back at this and going "Well, that's a bit shit, isn't it!?!"
No matter. I SHALL release this game, because someone somewhere might enjoy it, and that's the point of AGameAWeek! Anything goes!!

Given it's current state, there's no WAY I can get it done in time for.. .. um.. yesterday!
So I'll space things out a bit, give the project a little more time, and aim for next week instead.

I should have the game finished in the next few days. A little "Castle Complete" message, maybe a hidden chest of goodies, and then some audio additions, before adding the title.
This is usually the stuff I cram into the last couple of days, so assuming I spend enough time on the project, it should be ready in a few days.
.. Either that, or I'll spend WAY too much time playing Zelda, instead!

Daily Doodle : Close Quarters

An extremely close battle, but which will win?
Rocket Launcher or Grenade!?


Clicking all the buttons,
and twiddling on the sticks.
I can't stop playing Zelda.
I need my daily fix.


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