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Oh Dear


I should be getting ready to post this week's game.
Damn you, Nintendo!!


I've completed the first segment of Zelda (the Great Plateau segment) and have started to aimlessly wander through the new world that has been opened up to me.
I'm spending time cooking, fighting evil dudes, and am currently looking for a horse.

What I'm NOT doing, is coding!
I opened up the game at one point, yesterday, and was horrified by how craptastic it was.
I mean, it's ok, but it's basically just a crappy little shooter with castles..
I'm no longer sure if it's worth posting.
Maybe it is..
Maybe I've just been playing too much Zelda.
I'm not sure..

I'll have another play, today, and see if it's worth posting.
The next few hours, however, will be spent posting about 5 years ago. Look out for that fun post, later :

Daily Doodle : Bad Purchase

Platdude's already regretting yesterday's spur-of-the-moment purchase.


Get back to coding,
And finish the game.
That's what I must do,
I'll make it my aim.


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