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Redoing Stuff


I decided on a name, yesterday..


"The Dangerous World of Castles"
I drew a logo, with a big globe where the O in World is, and a castle where the L in castle is.
"World of Castles" looked great.

I set about getting my lovely screenshot generator to produce it's mountains of art, screenshots, titlecards and whatever.

Pleased with what I'd done, I then sat playing Zelda for a fairly large number of hours.

This morning, I looked back at my game's lovely new logo, and realised I'd left "The Dangerous" off the title.

Going to have to delete and restart a lot of stuff, now.

But I'm at least getting closer to finishing!

Daily Doodle : Growing Well

Platdude's tending to his Cauliflower Patch.
All looks fine. Platdude is happy!


Tweaking things once.
And tweaking them twice.
The tweaks never end,
But a break would be nice.


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