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  15th March, 2017


Yesterday I learned that my Spam bin doesn't look all that different to my "apparently spam-free" Inbox.


For every "What sponge should I use*" there's a "Claim your ?100 voucher"
For every "Amazon Dispatched" there are 3 or 4 "Your FedEx Delivery".
For every "Someone followed you on Twitter" there's a bazillion "Meet *hot*sex*girls* in your area!"
And don't get me started on LinkedIN.. Pretty sure I've marked enough of those as spam.. Why they're still in my main inbox, I've no idea.

Bah, humbug!

I sifted through the lot, separated them into Spam and NotSpam, then copied their subject titles over to this week's game.
I now have the game's background working, the text for the game sorted, and the character moving around.

Now I just need to decide exactly what form the game's going to take.

*Yes, I did get an actual email from someone asking me what sort of sponges they should use in different situations. Brilliant coder, but terrible life-skills!

Daily Doodle : Checkmate

Platdude finally manages to beat his opponent.
It's been a long hard game, but the horsey wins.


Email technology,
it used to be great.
But now it's all spam,
which I've grown to hate.


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