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Put Down The Switch!!
  8th March, 2017


Last night, I headed up to bed, laptop in hand, and left the Switch downstairs.


Determined to get some bloody coding done, I had to forcibly remove the Switch from my grasp, so I could focus on what's important.
.. Sorry Princess, you'll have to wait!

Last night I managed to get a bulk of the "Enter/Exit" code to work, and now have castles that our hero can head into, defeat the enemies within, and then head back out into the overworld.
I'm trying to stick to simple mechanics in this game, so you simply fire your sword, kill all the baddies, then head out on your merry way to the next castle.

So far, so good. And it just goes to show how much work I can get done if I'm not playing the Switch all day!

Daily Doodle : Dangling

Platdude's been playing lots of Zelda, this weekend, and has decided to give it a go himself.
How does Link do it?! Especially when carrying all those swords and shields and cooking ingredients.


A quest for a diamond,
A search for a gem.
I hunt all around,
As I'm gathering them.


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