Blog – Trying Different Things


I’m not happy with this week’s game..
.. yet..

I have a few bits and pieces, and am trying to figure out exactly how they go together.
The original plan was “Paperboy”, but things have changed drastically since that initial concept.
Paperboy was about dodging and “shooting” and hopefully scoring points along the way. Those are the elements that I’m trying to recreate, but so far things don’t seem to be working out.
Maybe Paperboy wasn’t actually as good as I remember!?
Maybe I need to head off on a completely different tangent?
..I’m not sure.

Hopefully I don’t end up scrapping this one!

Daily Doodle : Annual Checkup

Platdude’s getting his yearly health check.
Looks like his Blood Pressure’s ok.


Another game in limbo,
I wonder what I’ll do.
I need a plan that’s nice and fun,
I’ll have to think it through.


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