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Two Days Later


I really oughta get back to coding, huh?!


I've spent two days wandering around a forest, killing goblins, and learning to cook.
And those two days have certainly added up.

I need to finish off the silly crappy mini adventure thing.
I need to do a SonicALly Choon for next week, and consider the week after's Choon, too.
I need to start thinking about next week's AGameAWeek.
And I'd also like to start gathering bits and pieces for another collection of "AL's Trashcan!", but those require oodles of audio rendering.

Two days of gaming, and my whole schedule is a mess!


Daily Doodle : A Magic Dragon

Platdude meets a lovely little friendly dragon.
He's not sure how he got here, though. Perhaps he's dreaming?


Focus on the task in hand.
Code the games of which I've planned.
And then a few which I'm unsure.
And then I'll sit and code some more.


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