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  14th April, 2017


Trying to get a crate-puzzle level generator to work.. backwards.. was never a good idea!


Instead, at some point yesterday, I gave up trying.
Instead I've flipped things back to "normal", and .. as much as I can tell.. it seems to be doing the job as intended. Although it won't be nearly as complicated, puzzle wise.

I now have to work on the sorts of levels it can build, and ensure levels are indeed beatable, before bulking things up and adding danger-items and such.

.. Should be good to go by Tuesday, I reckon.


As a long-time You Don't Know Jack fan, I was surprised by the release of Jackbox Party Pack 3 on Switch, yesterday.
As a result, I whipped it up and gave it as much of a play as I could.
My thoughts are here, if you'd like to read them.
I highly recommend .. picking up PuyoPuyoTetris instead.

Daily Doodle : New Album

Platdude's favourite band have released a new album, and he's first in the shop for it!
Oddly, nobody else seemed to be camping outside the store.


Bad games are bad.
Whilst good games are great.
I hope that my crate-game
Is one that I'd rate.


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