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MusicAL Developments

Yesterday I got myself a mini Korg Bluetooth MIDI keyboard.

The keyboard connects to the KORG Gadget app wirelessly, and lets me doodle tunes with physical buttons!
To be honest, I’ve never been much of a keyboardist. My fingers seem happier tapping letters than notes, and I usually end up getting my fingers tied in knots, trying to play anything.
So, over the coming weeks/months, I’m hoping that the new “KORG microKEY Air 2 – 25 keys” will get my fingers trained in a more melodical fashion.
.. Probably won’t, but it’s something to do, isn’t it!!

The tune above was “plotted” using only the keyboard. Once notes were placed, I had to head in and turn all the volumes up, as my fingers are used to tapping gently, and musical keyboards work via pressure/velocity, so everything was really really quiet!!!
But otherwise, the notes are untouched.
It doesn’t sound .. Terrible!! Which is a good sign.

Hopefully I’ll get better. Watch and see!!


Meanwhile over on the coding side of things, I managed to turn “random platforms” into some sort of game.
Today I’ll be extending what I have, adding in some enemies and collectables, and hopefully ending up with something quite nice.
It’s already fun to hop about on the platforms, so that should hopefully be a good sign.
.. Maybe!

Daily Doodle : Creepy Thing

Platdude hasn’t visited this place before.
Now he knows why!


I’ve decided to try something other than code.
And try to pick up a new skill.
My musical talents are terribly poor.
But I’ve plenty of time, here, to kill.


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