Blog – An Unexpected Release


Well, it’s certainly playable..!

I honestly intended to add more games to the collection, but after the chaos of the Highscore system needing multiple tweaks to account for the 17 scoreboards, I wasn’t sure what to do.
I could’ve spent the next couple of days trying to add more, but I feel that I’d’ve ended up wasting time trying to find a neater way to do the online scores. (and indeed, my mind is still working away at it!)
I still haven’t come up with anything, short of not actually having online scoreboards for the individual games.
It’s definitely an issue that I wasn’t expecting.

So, the game’s out, and it’s time to move on to the next project.
I’m not sure what that might be, so if you’ve any suggestions, pop ’em in the comments, or via email or Twitter.. Whatever you prefer!!

Daily Doodle : Cliff Face

Platdude’s having a chat with the local Cliff Face.
Apparently some crazy fella’s been climbing up and down him, for the past few weeks.


Scoreboards are hard,
Especially in bulk.
At least they held up, though,
And haven’t just broke.


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  • Rajasekaran Senthil Kumaran

    Daily Doodle looks cool. Can be used for 2D platformer RPG fantasy themed game using your new platformer engine.
    Only today I found the Calendar creator feature in the pixel art page. It generates amazing calendars.

    • One of the things I’ve been doing with my pixelart is leaving them in separate layers. For the majority of pixelarts, the background becomes a nicely loopable 64×64 tile that can be used as a background. … I just haven’t used any, yet! But I do tend to use them to loop the backgrounds to help generate the wider 1920×1080 desktop images. (Look close and you’ll start to see the loops!!)

      As for the calendar, yeah, that’s handy!
      I actually used it yesterday to print a basic calendar for my Mum. If you select image #1, create the calendar, then open it in an image editor and cut it in half, you end up with a lovely sized black-on-white printable basic calendar image. I printed May -> December in this fashion, and Mum’s quite happy with the results.
      I also occasionally remember to print myself a monthly calendar.. .. But I’m awful at remembering to change my calendars. The current one on my wall is from last September! Ooops! I should change that..