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Back to Bed
  19th April, 2017
I woke up at 2am, and haven't yet managed to get back to sleep.
It's now 4:30am.



Yesterday I started work on a platform engine. I'm not 100% sure how good it'll end up, or even the type of platform game that it'll be, but I figured I might as well start something!!
First thing's first, I tackled a graphic creation tool.
Although it "works", it doesn't appear to work exactly as I need it to, so I'll be having to rejig bits of it, later today.

It's good.. It's just not great!
Lots of maths needed to get the floor placement working, so will probably spend the day jumping between the engine and the tile output function, just to find the right balance.

But it's a starting point, and it'll be interesting to see what direction it ends up going in.

Daily Doodle : Tea and Biscuits

Platdude and a friend are enjoying a nice warm mug of tea, along with some nice chocolate biscuits.
What a shame that neither of them have a mouth.


I'm really rather tired.
I couldn't stay asleep.
Instead I came down, had a brew.
Now back to bed I'll creep.


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