Blog – Begin Again


Whatever will I make, this week!?

I’ve got a long (LONG!!) list of possible ideas, ranging from things that have randomly popped into my head, to a list of player-suggested game ideas.
But I’m not sure what I’m in the mood for coding, this week.

Fast or Slow paced?
Puzzle or Action?
Difficult or Easy?

… I don’t do easy!

I’ll have to decide over the next day or so, in order to get things in motion before next Tuesday.

.. Or I might play more Zelda!!

Daily Doodle : Locked Out

Platdude’s forgotten his keys again.
Luckily he had a wire clothes hanger in his car.


I’m getting new followers on Instagram.
I suppose I should probably use it.
But my camera takes photos with pixels galore.
And it seemed like a waste to reduce it.


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