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  17th April, 2017


Yesterday was rather productive!


I got the online boards working with this week's game.
There are currently two boards. One for "Total number of levels complete", and the other for "5's complete".
Each group of levels is in a set of 5, with each level being progressively harder. Completing all 5 in a pack shows on one scoreboard, whilst if you'd prefer to run through all the "Level 1s", those will only count on the "Total complete" board.
.. If that makes sense!?

In addition, I got different graphical themes in place, added scores, did the logo, took the screenshots, and all the other stuff I need to do for a game.
For the most-part it's ready to go, but I'm just double checking things before I release.
Barring any surprise mega-bugs, the game should be available later today.


Daily Doodle : Not Looking Good

The latest sales figure projections aren't exactly inspiring.
Platdude and his team must come up with a new plan.


The game is complete,
The screenshots are done.
I'll compile and upload it,
So you can have fun.


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