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Coloured Blocks


Generic Coloured Block game, incoming!


I have a name in mind for this game, but the name will only work if the game mechanic works!!
I got quite a fair bit into the game, yesterday, but have yet to decide on how to score the new mechanic.
It might end up a little unfair, if made too difficult, so I'm going to have to keep an eye on how things progress.
Additionally, I can imagine quite a fair bit of cheating going on if the game is played in a certain way, so I'll have to add limits of some sort into the mix.

Should be interesting! .. But only if I can keep it that way...

Daily Doodle : The Mighty SlobberBeast

Platdude attempts to sneak past the SlobberBeast.
He didn't make it.


Boxes for puzzles,
Shuffled around.
Line up the colours,
Scoring be found.


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