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Spent an alarming amount of time, yesterday, playing with floors.

Moving them around so they make a nice “level”, and then having the player tread on them properly, jump off them, and all that stuff.
Platform floor tiles can be ever so tricky.
Today I really must decide what kind of character I’m having in this game, and then do all that drawing and animating gubbins..

The basic gameplay appears to be working, though. Hopefully once I’ve added enemies and collectables, it should all end up being a little more fun. It’s already “playable”, but it’s definitely lacking danger.
And danger makes any game fun!!

Daily Doodle : Advanced Music

No matter how hard he tries, Platdude just can’t manage to get the fingering right on this song.
Perhaps it might help if he had fingers..


Building a new engine.
Creating the Unknown.
Trying to be different.
And not be a clone.


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