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Further Tweaking
  2nd April, 2017


The game's getting ever closer to being a decent game, now.


I don't *think* I've made it too hard..!
Today will be spent adding audio to the game, and getting the Level Complete stuff to work nicely.
I can't believe this game's a "two-weeker". It certainly doesn't feel like it in gameplay terms.
But realistically the two weeks were barely spent working on the game.

It's a shame that this game hasn't ended up being much better than it originally started out as, all those many many days ago.

I guess that's just how things go.

Daily Doodle : Art is Strange

Platdude studies the newest artwork in the gallery.
He's sure something's wrong with it, but he can't quite place his finger on it.
... He has no fingers.


The two weeks it's taken,
Have gone by so fast.
This game's not as great,
As some games from the past.


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