Blog – Gee Liz?


“Why did you call it Gee Liz?”

I’m not sure it’s obvious, but the “world” of Gee Liz is a wrapping cylinder. Run constantly to the right and you’ll end up right back at the start again.
I decided it was probably time to make a nice smooth ramp-like platform engine using tiles.
I’ve previously done “lumpy” floors using only lines (see Invisible Munky)
but haven’t ever really tackled it with a tilemap, mostly because that requires me to draw all those matching tiles, and I’m a lazy git!!

With a nicely wrapping tilemap engine, and a fairly fast paced character (I had to slow her down, though!!), I realised it reminded me of the old Amiga title “Wiz’n’Liz”..

That’s where the title came from.
The main character looks nothing like a wizard, or a witch, and so the reference isn’t really too obvious..
But that was the reason I gave it the name I did!!

For most of the week, the game was simply titled “517-Platformer”. How imaginative!

Daily Doodle : The Master Baker

Platdude’s baked a wonderful cake, today.
Wonderfully spongey, full of jam, and a tasty lemony topping.


Time to start another game.
To plan a brand new world.
Creating sprites and sounds and tunes,
And all the code to build.


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