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More Evil Necessary


The Samurai Plat game's coming along fairly nicely, but currently everything's a little static.


Today I need to add some enemies into the game.
I'm not sure what type of enemies I'm going to add, but that big sword of Samurai Plat has to come in handy, somewhere!

A day and a half to go. Might be a wee bit tight!!

I'll also probably need to tidy/split up the level generator a bit, as it's currently taking a lot of effort to make a workable platform area, and that'll only get worse as the level size increases.

Although, it certainly doesn't look that complex, the game has to generate levels in which the player can reach the higher points of the stage.

In the past, though doing it "all in one frame" works fine in HTML5 and Desktop versions, the Android edition sees it as a huge task, and crashes out. So I'll need to work out a way to separate the different build sections, over a course of a few frames.

Daily Doodle : Poor Penguin

A friendly Platizen has brought Platdude a little penguin to look after, who appears to have broken its wing.
It should be ok with this bandage, but it won't be able to fly.


The basics are in,
Yet there's still loads to add.
Today I must focus.
Playing Zelda would be bad!


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