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Nearly There

This week's game's Ingame Music - Version One!
This and three other alternative versions can be found over in the Music Archive.
Journal Learning



As with Blockman Returns, the four versions are the same tune and melody, but with different instruments and slightly alternate pattern mixing to make them sound different enough.
It's nothing overly complex, but when you leave the music up until the last day and have to rush four versions out, it's pretty much as good as you can expect!

A little too repetitive, but .. meh, whatever!

Sound is in, Music's in, Gameplay seems nicely balanced.
Today I need to design a logo, give the game a name (currently "Shelley The Frog") and then prepare all the up/downloads.
What a week.. :

Daily Doodle : Down Here Again

Platdude doesn't like having to come down here, but it's the only way to get to the shops without dealing with all the traffic.


I should be ready to upload by now.
But I didn't wake up until well after One!
I'm lagging behind with my tasks.
I hastily make a new logo. Job done!


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