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This week's game, Samurai Plat, now has an ingame tune.

Unfortunately, it's barely a game, yet!
I've added basic left/right movement, jumping and falling, and .. That's your lot!
Today I need to add sword slashing, and then start layering in the enemies, as well as deciding upon on a level mechanic.
I'm currently thinking a collection of mystical glowing orbs to gather. Seems like the sort of thing a Samurai might do!

Daily Doodle : Treat for Grandplat

Platdude's treated Grandplat to a brand new stairlift.
It can go up to 1.2 times as fast as the last one!


I spent a day in Music-land
Today, I'll code the game that's planned.
Add in some sprites I have in hand,
And hope the gameplay turns out grand.


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