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Panic Stages
  24th April, 2017


I've still got a fair amount of work to do on this week's game, yet it's already Monday!


I totally blame Zelda! I got up to the final 2 Towers, and dug my heels in to complete the set.
Once that was done, I was happy that my task was complete, and yet strangely continued to play.
I still have oodles of Shrines, then there's the four main dungeons that I haven't yet attempted, and lastly the big giant battle for the ending.
And all those silly Kurok seeds, too!

There's LOADS more to do in the game, and I've barely scratched the surface.
I'm absolutely in love with this game. Sure there are a few niggly issues, but on the whole this game is absolutely worthy of the time.
A testament to how well a game can turn out, if you only spend 4 or 5 years working on it.

..My little made-in-a-week Platformer should be done by tonight!

Daily Doodle : Marooned

Platdude isn't sure how he's going to get off the island.
Hopefully there's something in this box that can help.


I make a big list,
Of the things I've not done.
I'd put down the Switch,
But the thing's too much fun!


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