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A few days ago, MegaNuke on the OUYAForum chatbox suggested I try making a “Samurai Plat” game.

Since I was currently in the midst of Shelley The Frog, I put the idea on the backburner, and then instantly forgot about it.
Yesterday, he reminded me, and so I got to work drawing Platdude in a Samurai outfit.

He looks rather odd, I must admit.
Today I’ll be animating him properly, and figuring out what kind of gameplay will be involved.


Yooka Laylee
The reviews are being pretty damning for the poor little game.
Mostly that “It’s a game stuck in the past” and that nowadays games would be “better”, since they’re not reliant on being a “collectathon”
I’m pretty sure that everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter knew exactly what they were getting, and I’m fairly certain that all those people are going to be happy with the result.
The EXACT reason that this game was Kickstarted was because “The Mainstream” wouldn’t have enjoyed it. And judging by the reviews, that’s precisely what’s happening.

IMO : If you feel you want Yooka Laylee, then you know what it’s going to be, and you’ll be happy with what you get.
This game reviews badly because it’s being compared to current games, and that’s being unfair. And the only reason it’s being reviewed as a current game, is because it’s on current systems.
If they’d released the game as an N64 hack, there’d be praise galore.

It’s a hard thing to do, but I’m glad that they had the chance to do it.

Good luck to them, and hopefully we’ll see more from Team-NotRare in the future.

Daily Doodle : Science is Dangerous

Platdude isn’t sure why all his experiments seem to explode.
And it’s always the green stuff, too.


Some armour and a Blade,
Platdude doesn’t look right!
I hope in the game,
that he’s up to the fight.


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