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“Jabbliss” has been scrapped.

Although the game was playable, it was as boring as hell!
The game also had a whole lot of cheating opportunities that, given the type of game that it was, weren’t immediately solvable.
The idea remains in my list of possible game ideas, and may be revisited at a later time… But I don’t hold much hope for it.

For those interested..
..Grid of 7×7 blocks
..Each row has a little “Jab” button on the right.
..Player runs up and down the ladder and “Jabs” the “Jab” button to shift all blocks on the row 1 to the left.
..The far left block falls off the edge and you lose X points for a lost block.
..Any matches get totted up, and then things fall about in the usual match-3 style.

The main issues were that.
1. The “Jab” mechanic required a large Jab-Bar to scroll out towards the left, (which would be used to push all the block) meaning you could use the bar to hold up the higher blocks.
2. The “Lost” mechanic was hard to pin down, because too high a penalty made things too hard, and too low made them too easy.
3. Since things would have to progress in a “Level” style, it was hard to decide on a good “target” to pass each level. After all, these types of games rely on randomness, and sometimes it’s just not possible to hit a specific target, no matter how hard you try.


Instead, I’ve started a Sokoban-esque game.

I’m currently trying to make a level generator for the thing, but have to work backwards through it, due to the nature of the game.
Tricky stuff to wrap my head around.
I think I might need to scribble some notes down, for this one!!

Daily Doodle : Resist

Platdude has found himself in a very dangerous situation.
He hates Sci-Fi conventions.


I’m done for today.
This game doesn’t play.
It’s garbage, I say.
As I throw it away.


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  • Rajasekaran Senthil Kumaran

    Daily doodle is very good today. In today’s poem all last words rhyme with each other well.

    • Yeay! Highscores!! 😀

      • Rajasekaran Senthil Kumaran

        When are the Platitude borg and redshirts going to appear in one of your games. Have they appeared already?

        • I once started a game with you wandering around a big giant ship, with Borg chasing you.. It didn’t get very far.. 2002, according to the timestamp on the only image I found!!

          • Rajasekaran Senthil Kumaran

            Looks apt for a borg cube based top down shooter. 2002 is 15 years ago and 1 year after “Star trek Voyager” ended.