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Thinking Ahead
  18th April, 2017


Crikey.. According to the online leaderboards, RSKGames has already beaten 230 of the Quadoban levels!!
Be sure to let me know if there's any broken ones along the way. (Level Unique ID is in the top right of the screen)


I'm currently thinking this might be a nice game for iOS, but I'd need to rethink the controls a bit, since there's no way to specifically hit a Push button..
I'll have a play and see where it goes.

Other thoughts currently rummaging around in my head.
1. JNKPlat. It sure would be nice to see a good old JNKPlat puzzle game.
2. Puzzobomb. Since I'm in a puzzle'y mood, whatever happened to the half-complete new iOS version of Puzzobomb?
3. JNKPool. ....hmmmm...

Anyhoo, I spent most of yesterday tweaking between the Game Archive and the Scoreboard site. I've now got the scoreboard site opening URL-based scoreboards, and also linked the games to the scoreboards.
In the archive, amongst the regular download icons, are new green "Leaderboard" buttons, which will take you directly to that game's online scoreboard.

Daily Doodle : Exterminate

Platdude's got an exterminator out to get rid of the wasp nest in the garden.
Hopefully they don't move into the house, next!


A new game to start,
But what will it be?
I ponder the question,
It challenges me.


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