Blog – Too Much Zelda.. Again!

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Yesterday I set the above video rendering. 12 minutes it said. (Which is infinitely better than the 30 minutes average of the Dead-HP laptop!)
Whilst the laptop was busy doing that, I figured I’d spent the 12 minutes wandering around Hyrule.
And I did.
And then the video ended, and I set it to upload to YouTube. So, a few more minutes Zelda-wandering..
Then the video finished uploading, so I uploaded the SoundCloud version.. More Zelda.
Then I closed the laptop and continued to play Zelda!

All in all, I played about 5 and a half hours of the damn thing, yesterday.
I really shouldn’t have, but after finding 3 new map-towers, and a bunch more shrines, I was in the zone!!

I should probably get some coding done, today!

Daily Doodle : Use the Axe!

Platdude’s certainly got himself into a pickle, this time.
Thankfully, his friend’s brought an axe.


I really should stop playing it,
And focus on my coding.
But look, another Shrine to beat!
I’ll code tomorrow morning.


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  • Ryan Calhoun

    More Zelda is never a bad thing. It’s good to have games good enough to hold our attention again, keeps the love alive.

    Who knows? Maybe you’ll make your own Zelda BotW demake, huh? “Shrines of Greenie” or something like that?