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Sprawling Mess
  31st May, 2017


After last night's Game-Coding session, I decided to do a "minor" tweak to SoCoder2..


Suffice to say, the task spiralled out of control, entirely.
After about 2 hours work, heading well beyond midnight, I decided to close the laptop and head to my bed. I shut the laptop, but didn't bother to close anything.

This morning, I've opened up, and there are currently 8 folders, 2 (TWO!) FTP proggies, Chrome with 6 tabs open, Edge with 2 tabs open, Programmer's Notepad, and Paintshop Pro, all sitting there, waiting for me to continue.
What a mess!

The new "minor" tweak is about 25% done, and will likely take the rest of the day to get working properly.
There's no such thing as a quick task, in the land of AGameAWeek.


I made a decent start on this week's game, starting by making a graphic generator that gives me tiles that look not-entirely-unlike those from Quadoban.
Today I'll try to make a nice level generator to go with it, and then get started on the gameplay.
I have a decent idea in mind, but whether it'll stay that way towards the end of the project...
.. Who can say!??

Daily Doodle : A New House

Platdude bought Bobby a new house for the tank.
Bobby loves it!


The simplest of tasks,
A short little tweak.
They end up expanding,
And taking all week.


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