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  13th May, 2017


I played Flappadiddle for about an hour, last night!!


I'd say it's roughly good to go, so I'm going to spend this morning doing screenshots and icons and whatnot, then I'll get the game uploaded later.
Good stuff!!


A few design flaws are starting to show on the new SoCoder site.
What I originally thought was a nice simple set of buttons on the upper right, has spiralled out of control, and now is an ugly great big mess of buttons!
I'm going to have to rethink the way those buttons are displayed, I think.

Over on regular Socoder, Shroom_Monk helped fix yesterday's CSS issues by suggesting I temporarily store the contents of the sidebars into variables, then only output them when I'm ready.
This makes a WHOLE lot of sense, and is something that didn't even occur to me.
I'm still thinking in terms of linear game-code, outputting things to the screen as they happen.
I'd completely forgot that, with web-based content, you can delay the refreshing until you need to.

*tsk* Silly me.

Daily Doodle : Cut the Cut

Platdude's friends have come over for a quick haircut.
Are you sure you want it this short?


A complicated mess of code.
The site is getting bigger.
As long as it's all maintainable, though.
At least, that's what I figure.


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