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  18th May, 2017

Journal Questions


I got absolutely no game-coding done, yesterday!


Most of yesterday was spent tackling the general insanity of the "Forum Section -> Show latest topics" view.
In order to show the latest topics of a section you need to..
1. SQL the section's name.
2. SQL the list of latest topics.
3. For each topic, find the latest post. This isn't always exact, as some users (ie admin) get a different set of values
4. Find the username for the user that made that last post.

It's a lot of jumping about, and incredibly complicated stuff, and the whole thing wore me out for the rest of the day.

Instead of coding, then, I decided to try to make a nice choon for this week's game.
The choon somewhat fits the graphical style that I'd like to get working, but I'm still unsure whether the actual gameplay will work.
This is all coming along in the reverse order that I usually do thing. I normally start with getting the gameplay to work, then add graphics and sound..
This week, I'm working with an image in mind, and have already done the music.
Very very strange!!

Daily Doodle : Dinner Time

Time for Platdude to give the dog something nice to eat.
Some leftover steak should keep him happy.


"Do I use a quote mark, now?"
'An apostrophe sure would be fab.'
`No, this one's the odd little squiggly thing,
On the key that is just above Tab.`


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