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I did the music for this week’s game, last night.
Sounds are also in, and although there are a few niggling balance issues and occasional level building glitches, the game seems to flow quite well.

I’ll probably spend the next day or so working those out, and then we’ll be ready for playing!


On the SoCoder 2 side of things, I had to do a few tweaks to the “Posts that I’ve read” stuff, and ended up breaking my own recorded data, so now all my topics are marked as unread.
Live SQL tweaking probably isn’t a good idea!!

I also tried again to get the css working in the other direction, but so far I haven’t had any luck with it.
The upside is that the current css means everything flows nice and quickly. I attempted a switch to tables, and it slowed it all down, so I’m definitely sticking with css.
The downside, however, is that the sidebars have to be included BEFORE the main central content.
This means that any changes made in the center (eg, when you read a topic, and it says “I’ve read this topic”) the topic still shows as unread in the sidebar because.. when that was created, you hadn’t yet read the topic..

.. If that makes sense!!

I could really do with moving the sidebar elements down to the bottom of the script, rather than the top, but doing that screws up the display.
CSS sure can be complicated!

If anyone wants to help figure this out, be sure to let me know of any results. Thanks!
You can find some test code here.

Daily Doodle : A Friendly Face

Platdude isn’t quite sure how he got here, but at least the native lifeforms seem to be friendly enough.


The game’s nearly done,
but it isn’t quite right.
I need to fix the balancing.
Might be done by tonight!


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