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Friday MusicAL

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The basic engine for this week's game is coming along fairly well, but I'm currently unsure whether to go for Mode A or Mode B..


The two modes aren't entirely incompatible, though, so maybe I should try to come up with some sort of mix between the two.
Having two different goals might be interesting.
Or at the very least, I can use Mode B as a way to score Bonus points.

Either way, the game has evolved quite far from the initial plan. It still "Looks" like the same game, but there's quite a few changes to the game which have made it a rather different type of game.
It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out!
And with just a few days to do it, it'll be a fun coding session.


Meanwhile.. Over on SoCoder2
I got most of the "Thing" section view working, yesterday.
I still need to do a few tweaks so that the front page of things works well, too, but at least you can view sections.

.. I also realise that this is an extremely baffling thing to have written, because most of the readers won't have a smegging clue what I'm on about, but suffice to say, the new version of the forum's script is becoming nice and functional, now.

As I continue to work on the new site, I've been noting down a lot of database entries that are no longer necessary, and that I can (hopefully!) safely delete once everything's moved over to the new site.
Things like user's having a entries for the 8 possible bit-selections in a theme, which hasn't been used since about 2010, and user "Long/Latt" location settings which I don't think I ever actually even used at all!!

The new forum should be much neater, much more presentable, and yet curiously still baffling to newcomers!
All good stuff!!

Daily Doodle : Overwhelmed


Games that change.
Evolving ideas.
Preparing a challenge.
That's ready for players.


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