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More of the Same
  11th May, 2017


Things are flowing fairly well.


This week's game is really quite playable.
I know that, technically, it's a repeat of one of the Read Error A games, but I am at least trying my best to make it look a little better.
And, the effort seems to be paying off, too.

Today I need to start working on audio, and making the scoring a little less obvious than "each block = 25 points", which is kinda bland.
Maybe a bonus timer.. hmm...


On the SoCoder2 front, I had a HELL of a hard time trying to get "Div at the bottom of a Table Cell" to work, yesterday.
I seem to recall having the exact same issue when creating the original Socoder, too.
The main issue is that the Table Cell (a forum post) doesn't include a specified "Height" parameter. This is because (obviously) I don't know how tall the forum post is going to be.
CSS can be annoying, sometimes.
And even more annoying is that this can't be solved with simple Table stuff, because of the very same issue.
No specific height = no way to line things up to the bottom of the cell.
A rather frustrating complication, but one that I seem to have mostly solved by cramming a couple of Newline's at the bottom of a post.
.. Which, IIRC, is how I fixed it last time, too.

There's a lot of old issues coming back, in S2!!

Daily Doodle : From the Archives

Platdude fancies a game of Arcade Pool, but all his Amiga games are up in the attic.


As if CSS wasn't bad enough,
I'm fighting with PHP, as well.
Commands that were seemingly plucked at random.
The whole damn thing can go to hell.


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