Blog – OK, Now What?


I’m enjoying my long lazy weekend!

I’m tackling “Super secret database” one step at a time. Little bits, building to a larger thing.
That’s how I rebuilt the Jayenkai Archive, it’s how the Music site got built, it’s how the online highscores finally got added, and it’ll be how this part comes together, too.
I hope!

Yesterday I got sliding things sliding in and out of the screen.
Did you know, if you slide a div off the right hand side of the screen, it makes the page width that wide, too, meaning the whole smegging page scrolls around in a horribly stupid way.
I had to, instead, shrink the div’s width to nothingness. Seems to work, but I’ll have to do multi-browser tests to be sure.

I’m certainly having more coding fun doing that, then trying to get “Box’s …Whatever” done.
I keep popping back to Box, and then finding nothing interesting to keep my attention. I think that’s the main issue I’m having.
Much like when I attempted a new RetroRaider, I’m finding it difficult to come up with fresh ideas that add complexity, not just to the end game, but also to the coding.
Otherwise it’s all “Code by numbers”, and there’s nothing in that to keep my attention.
I might yet finish the game.
I don’t know.

But with the breathing room of an extra week, I might yet find that special something to make it bigger and better.
.. Or do something else, instead! Who knows.

Daily Doodle : Into Battle

Platdude and his crew are heading into battle against.
..but who are they fighting?


CSS is evil.
I much prefer tables.
No jumping around.
They tend to be stable.


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