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Wednesday Plans
  10th May, 2017


The todo list over at New Socoder seems to be sommewhat manageable, but there's still tons of stuff to do!


Today I'll be trying to get avatars, homepage links, and other "User" things to display.
Currently everything's Read-Only, although I have added the Quick Reply box. .. It just doesn't work yet!

Rewriting an entire forum, from the ground up, isn't going to be an easy task, but I'm happy that I've planned a vague route, and can just about manage to get most things working without overdoing things.

.. I think!

Meanwhile, I've been working on this week's game, and although yesterday wasn't exactly productive, I feel I can manage to get everything done before the week's over.
.. The main reason being, instead of coding last night, I sat doing this week's SonicALly choon, in preparation for Friday. If you'd like to hear it in advance, you can find it over on my Patreon page, where I tend to post all the "Remix" choons a few days in advance.

Daily Doodle : Fixing the telly

Platdude needs to fix the aerial before his favourite show comes on, or he'll miss the big finale.


Today, tomorrow, then the next.
Never getting boring.
There's always something new to do.
I'll be forever coding.


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