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What Day is it?
  9th May, 2017


I normally post AGameAWeek on a Monday, and without that weekly event, my days are all blending into one another.


I've got a fairly nice game going, for this week.
Fundamentally, it looks and feels quite a lot like "Flap Across" from the Read Error A collection.
Most of the main game is up and running, and the blue "You must land on these" bricks are working.

The game ensures there's always a path across the level (even if it isn't always easy!) and things build up at a fairly slow pace.
Today I'll be adding some kind of moving obstacles, which will probably be giant flaming spinning bars, not entirely unlike Mario's Castle levels.
I also need to start thinking about different kinds of themes, although I might end up just sticking to one.. I'm really not sure, at this point!

But it's working, and it's fairly addictive, too, which is nice.

SoCoder 2 WebDev Bit

The work on SoCoder2 continues without too many problems, although this morning I need to try and get a button to work..
I've overcomplicated things by forming the buttons using CSS elements instead of just a plain image, so I can overlay the button text without having to redraw all the buttons.. That part was fairly simplistic, but now I need to try and implement the button within a form, so that it works as a Submit button..

Daily Doodle : An Important Announcement

Platdude needs to make an important announcement.
Today, he'll be going to the shop.


It really shouldn't be hard.
I guess I'm expecting more.
A decade ago, I wrote the original,
It was easier than this, before.


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