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GPD xd - New Android Testbed
  19th May, 2017
For the past few years, I've been relying on my Archos Gamepad 2 to do all my in-dev testing.
Loads of work on my framework resulted in my OUYA games being nicely compatible with the device, so rather than constantly switching over to the actual OUYA or RazerTV to do small tests, I instead relied on the portability of the handheld Archos Gamepad 2.

Over the past few months, however, it's been.. Weird..
I think the battery must be dying on it.
I can leave it charging all day, then come back to it to find it's down to 8% already.
I'm not sure if it just needs a complete format, or if something more significant is going on with the battery.

It is fairly old, though, as far as Android devices go.
I bought it in August 2014, and if you consider I've created and tested well over 150 games (including subgames in collexions and such) then it's certainly been put through it's paces.

Time for a replacement!

I ordered a GPD xd (64Gb) from FunStock, and it's just turned up, this morning.
Initial all important test is to plug it into the laptop, hit the compile button, and see if it works with my current setup.

All appears well!
I also used the browser to navigate to my Archive, where a simple click on an Android TV icon downloaded a game, and that installed just fine.
In basic terms, this is going to be a nice little device for testing my OUYA compiles, and also playing all my games, on a handheld with lovely little buttons

I'm also currently doing a mass "Emulation Archive" backup, and will be *testing* how that goes, later

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