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Scrapping A Week
  5th May, 2017
I've made a fair amount of progress on "Box's .. Untitled", but every time I load it up, I have this sagging sinking feeling of redoing a game that has no real purpose.

Maybe it's the fact that I got interrupted by a couple of days of Flu.
Maybe it's the fact that I started something else, late last night.
or .. Just maybe.. It's the fact that I made 14 games, last week, and my mind needs a bit of a rest!

I'm not sure.
But whatever it is, I'm going to officially cancel this week, and start again on Monday.
A couple of days off from constantly thinking about games will hopefully help kickstart me back into the swing of things, ready for next week.

As always, feel free to submit random ideas, to see if anything sparks my imagination.

I'm going to wander around Hyrule, for a bit of a rest.

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