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All But Scores
  26th June, 2017


The golf game is turning out fairly well, and is *almost* release-ready.


I still haven't added any scorecards into the game, nor are there any sounds/music.
That'll be today's task.
Bit of a tight squeeze, but I should be able to get everything done in time.
.. and set up the online leaderboards, too.

All should be fine!!
I think!

Incidentally, I spent FAR too much time, yesterday, trying to earn a Hole in One, so I could test the Hole in One titlecard thing!


Having noticed a slight quirk with the sidebar's Unread display, I dug my heels in and got it fixed.
Only took about 2 hours, and oodles of debug messages, to figure it out.
That little sidebar display is insanely complicated, having to check if you've read the original post, alongside all the comments.
I could probably have made it a little less complicated if I'd used times, rather than specific posts, but in the end I'd still have to check two different sets of data to figure out each thing, since some users get different displays than others.
For example, in the new SoCoder2 script, your private messages will appear in the sidebar, as though they're regular threads. So, I can't cache the list, as it'll be different for each user.

Yep, I've certainly overcomplicated that sidebar!!

But, hey, if you're going to add sidebars, you might as well make them functional.

Daily Doodle : Getting Sleepy

Platdude's been waiting for about an hour, and his luggage still hasn't shown up.


Apple's starting to whinge at me.
It's time to pay my developer fee.
But I haven't made an iPhone game,
Since doing Spike Dislike 3.


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